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Looking for a way to connect with other Crafters in the Atlanta area?

Do you own a Cutting Machine and need access to craft with a cutting machine?

Or maybe you just want to spend an evening crafting with friends and learn something new in the process.
If any of these apply to you, join me for Designing With Ashley Craft Days (COMING SOON).

In the meantime, feel free to book a private Designing With Ashley craft session.


Exciting news coming 

Watch my Instagram for details!

Hope to see you in the free Facebook group click below to join

Designing with Ashley



 Youth Groups


Classes will be delivered via Zoom or in person.

*All content on this site and classes offered consist solely of my personal instruction
and are not affiliated with Silhouette America.*

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Working with Ashley was a breath of fresh air. Ashley, comes with fun, knowledge, experience and wisdom. I appreciate her answering all my questions, step by step information, patience and her time about the Cameo 4. I would not hesitate to work with her in the future. Thank you so much!

Ms. Valencia - One on one Silhouette Training Session

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