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Crafting is my Therapy--- educating and empowering is my goal.

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Trials come, and in order to handle them we all have our own therapy. There’s no question that we can find comfort anywhere; be it in another person, food, or even hobbies. Personally, when life gets tough, I find that a good craft project is the perfect release. Shopping for craft items and creating are my chosen methods to dealing with the challenges life has thrown at me. It allows me to relieve stress and have fun all at the same time. After a rough day at work, there's nothing better than shopping for colorful patterns and projects. For me crafting is all about taking the time to really slow down, mindfully work through my frustrations and just let myself unwind. I know a lot of people also love using their hobbies as a way to process stress—and that means you’re growing. Knowing this will help you push past the pain and hurt of being broken.

My two weapons of choice are praying and playing. Similar to the idea of work hard, play hard. I pray with God’s word. So what materials are my favorite for crafting? My choice of playing hard, involve my Silhouette machines (Cameo 2, 3, 4 Mint, and Curio) and my Circut Maker. They allow me to create anything with the use of my imagination! When I craft I feel like I have superpowers- It cuts, writes, draws perfectly. The precision from a well designed project soothes me after even the longest of days.

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