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Merging My Passion for Teaching

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

As a former elementary teacher and current preschool teacher, there is a lot of preparation for my lesson plans. There are items to make, ideas to plan out, and documents to be printed before you even start the lesson. After all of that you are left with piles of paper or messy stacks of construction paper, which isn’t pretty at all. Before I started using crafting machines I was still doing all of my work manually, it took up so much time prepping things. But now I use my machines to make just about everything and it saves me hours of prep time!

While I was always attracted to arts and crafts I never deemed myself to be creative. The discovery of each of these machines opened the doors to all kinds of possibilities. As I got to know more and more of these machines I realized that it simply is not about what can be done with them. The machines are just a starting point for us to test our creativity. With just a little bit of practice you can also start making custom items for your students. Even if you do not consider yourself being creative there’s definitely more than one way to approach arts and crafts. I often spend hours in craft stores examining all the new craft and party materials and how things are made.

So when I noticed my best friend and sister Donnielle had a Silhouette Camo I had to have one also. When HSN brought out the new Cricut Air with blue tooth capabilities we had to have it also, and so the addiction to all things cradty began. We have had craft retreats at Lazy Lucy in Lafayette Louisiana and even attended Terri Johnson 's All Things Silhouette conference in Peachtree City ,Georgia. We have completed many shopping trips and crafitng experiences together that have educated and empowered us to make custom craft items !

Being a lifelong learner and wanting to know all about the Cameo’s abilities, it wasn’t long before I was buying all the books and viewing every single blog ,website ,and video about crafting with my new Silhouette Cameo. I had the pleasure of also attending the Terri Johnson All Things Silhouette Conference in April 2016. Shortly after I obtained my certification as a Licensed Terri Johnson Instructor in March 2017. As a Terri Johnson Licensed instructor I have increased my Silhouette skills, through expert instruction. I have be taught how to create projects and how to effectively share knowledge with others. My enthuiasm and love for all things crafty and my passion for teaching have led me to actually start the entreprenuse journey.

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